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At Paracosmic Innovation Studios, we leverage the power of Blockchain Technology and create seamless gaming experiences enabling a new era of item-first game economies.

Blockchain is constantly unraveling new ways in which it can change the way we see technology. At Paracosmic Innovation Studios, we relentlessly experiment and research to build innovative solutions and provide seamless gaming experiences using Blockchain Technology. We are currently working on Project C.H.A.O.S, a sci-fi strategy TCG built is the space theme and powered by the Ethereum Network. It uses Appstract, a platform which acts as a bridge between blockchain and the application.

Blockchain's transparency, decentralized databases, verifiable scarcity and user controlled networks will revolutionize technology and we aim to be at the forefront of this innovation.

The collective idea of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and gaming is promising. Coupled with the meteoric rise of decentralized applications in the sphere and an opportunity for developers to appropriately monetize and participate in the gaming community, the intersection has facilitated a new gaming landscape.

Development on blockchain is not all smooth sailing. The most prominent hurdle being scalability issues. It has not only prohibited the development of many games but has also slowed the mass adoption of the technology. We, at Paracosmic Innovation Studios, are aiming to overcome this hurdle by making technological innovations which bridge the gap between available blockchain resources and the world of open source developers' tools out there.

Blockchain connects content creators, developers and players in a way that was not previously possible. We are building modular open-source components and developer tools to connect game applications to users with a frictionless layer of Blockchain. Not only does Appstract create a pathway for wider and easier access to blockchain for potential and existing DApp developers, it also enables building cross platform applications and helps abstract unwanted information out of the blockchain to provide a smoother experience like any other centralized application.

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Shuvam Agarwal
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Email: shuvam@paracosmic.io

Piyush Kumar
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Email: piyush@paracosmic.io

Shrey Pandey
Linkedin Twitter
Email: shrey@paracosmic.io

Divyansh Ameta
Linkedin Twitter
Email: divyansh@paracosmic.io

Akshay Hooda
Email: akshay@paracosmic.io

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